Flathead Lifters Box - Jax Vintage Valve Component

Precision machined manganese bronze corrosion resistant and internally oiled grooved valve guides for the high-performance flathead engine.

Manganese, alloyed with coppers and zinc promote a strong hardness eliminating the galling problems found in the use of stainless steel valves and today’s cast iron valve guides. New guide tops have been lightly scallop-shaped for a smoother match in block porting work.

Advanced new “Jax” Double “O” ring system promotes increased sealing with a truer valve seat alignment.

Guide set includes nitril “O” ring set (red) resistant to all petroleum based oils and hydrocarbon fuels and with a high heat range up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Totally compression polished for maximum strength and available for our standard flathead power-flo stainless 11/32″ 1.5 valves, and the new trick “Jax” ultra light weight black diamond coated 5/16″ 1.5 flathead quick–flo systems.

Manganese Valve Guides - Jax Vintage Valve Component
Double “O” Ring System
Eliminates Valve Galling
Internal Oil Grooving